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Getaway Shootout 2

When the first version of the Getaway Shootout appeared on the internet, many people thought that is is some kind of joke because it was really difficult game with a very strange and chaotic physics. Today there are a lot of games built with the same technology and a lot of people love playing those games. Today I would like to offer you the new version of the game which is called Getaway Shootout 2 and offers a lot of new maps, new characters and modes. So, if you have not played this game before let me give you a small guide for better understanding the rules of the game as well as whole gameplay. It is a chaotic race game where players have to reach the destination point faster than others. They can only jump and that makes the control of your character a bit difficult task - you have to manage the direction of the character and then make a jump. I really love this game because here you will find a lot of different maps with different obstacles - you will have to deal with moving objects, jump through cars and trains and even use helicopter to achieve your goal. In Getaway Shootout 2 you can also unlock the new characters and play the local multiplayer mode, so I am sure, that this game is worth trying. Check out the game controls below and join the wonderful world of chaotic physics.

How To Play Getaway Shootout 2?

The game is available in solo or local multiplayer mode. In solo mode, you will challenge the AI players, in local multiplayer mode you will play against your friend which use the same keyboard. Keep in mind that the game continues until one of the player reach the finish line. Players can get weapons and use them against other players to stop them from winning the race. Check out game controls below and join the game.

Player 1 Controls
[W] to jump left
[E] to jump right
[R] to use a power-up

Player 2 Controls
[I] to jump left
[O] to jump right
[P] to use a power-up

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